Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes Australia new state of art jit custom box plant.

Why customised boxes? If the box you are buying is too big it’s costing you more money in freight than the cheap box! By courier, post, road or road and air, if the box is too big it will cost you dearly. You could be losing a whole layer on a pallet or by measurement just paying too much per box, that’s where we come in – you need the right box for the product.

Obviously the right size box made out of the right grade material is not just a freight saver it’s an insurance policy. A box too big or tight or made from thin material will cause breakages usually well beyond the cost of that cheap box.

Equally important is the ‘jit’ or boxes on demand advantage. No need to wait 10 days or more. No need to order 5,000 when you really want 250 in a week delivered just in time. No need to fill your valuable floor and racking space with boxes you will not use for weeks.

Lastly, that big order you had to take because it was an odd size or just because that’s the way some companies work. For over 30 years we have been helping customers with their corrugated shipping boxes. We have now taken this to a new level beyond anything else available in Victoria. With a huge investment in the worlds best custom box equipment.

What’s changed – We just got better, easy to say. But it’s a fact. If you have a new or existing product and need the right size / strength box we can do that for you, send or bring in your product and we can tell you how best to box it (and even send you away with a sample)! Apart from our new award winning machines having over 100 box styles built into the software, we have a free draw capability where even more customisation can take place. Your product, your ideas and our know how can give you a box that you know is safe, looks good, the right size and in quantities you need.

Would my product work this way? Most likely a big yes. You have a big product – queen size mattresses, a double fridge, we can do this in a one piece box, where most have to make it in two pieces joined together. You have a carousel with heavy nuts and bolts storage, no problem. You’re shipping electronic pads or boards, small but secure boxes required, no problem. It may just be a right size shipping box delivered just in time or it might be a shelf ready for point of sale box. Talk to the team and see how the world of the brown box is changing!