Our Technology

 AutoBOX Boxmaker

The BCS AutoBOX is the most advanced boxmaking machine available today. It is designed to allow companies to produce short and medium runs of corrugated boxes quickly and easily. Using servo control the machine can automatically change from one style and size of box to another in just seconds. All the operator needs to do is tell the machine what box is required.

Whether you need to produce small boxes, large wraps or more complicated boxes, the AutoBOX can make them all at the touch of a button.

With the addition of the Multi-Cut module the options available are even more impressive – produce boxes from stock board, remove glue tabs, make extra creases, windows and even die-cut too. All tools are controlled through the simple touch screen and set themselves automatically. The system is completed with the ability to add a fully automatic sheet feeder, stacking and either ink jet or flexo printing. A truly all-in-one-pass machine that will add huge efficiency and flexibility to your box making.

 Multi-Cut Module

    Production Speed: Max speed of 1,500 boxes per hour
    Box Styles: Over 100 fefco styles possible with many already pre-programmed in the menu
    Blank Size: MAX 2600mm (deckle) x unlimited (chop) MIN 100mm (deckle) x 330mm (chop)
    Typical set-up time: Approx 1 minute – automatic / tool-less
    Distance between Slotting knives: MAX 1600mm (max height of 0201 style box)
MIN 65mm – can be increased to 2400mm using shorter blades
    Slotting knife thickness: 7mm (standard)
    Slot length: MAX 508mm standard
    Materials: 1 – 10mm. E flute to 300/300/300 AA
    Power requirements: 415V 3-phase, 50/60Hz at 8 amps